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16 page catalogue draws from 6,421 different products to deliver dynamic personalisation

DCA member First Move Direct Marketing has produced a 5,000 run of an A5 catalogue with each copy comprising its own personalised product selection drawn from a range of 6,421 different items and images. AI was deployed to ensure there was a very high degree of relevance to each and every recipient, with each catalogue totally unique not only in the products and images it contained but also in the messaging.

The catalogue was produced for Complete Care Network on First Move’s Xerox Trivor 2400 inkjet press. Jon Price managing director said ‘I have been waiting for 10 years to do this and am really excited about its potential to lift our customer engagement and lifetime value’.

Direct Mail Futurist and First Move chairman David Amor said: “In the 21stcentury the technology now exists to deliver in volume highly variable printed images and text which are relevant to each individual rather than simple messaging based upon only recency, frequency and value’.

First Move has been at the leading edge of inkjet technology having installed the world’s 1st production Xerox Trivor 2400 inkjet together with the first install of a new Adobe based Fiery rip created to process the significant volumes of data required to produce this sort of work. This was followed by another first when the Trivor was upgraded to High Fusion ink which enables the inkjet press to produce litho quality print production on standard uncoated silk and gloss papers.

Rachel Smith, managing director, First Move said: “We are not aware that anyone in the world has ever produced print with so many variable items of data – if anyone knows better please let me know. This is a really exciting development and one that we have been working towards for several months. We are already working on enlarging this catalogue and may well exceed the number of images in our next print run. This is all about greater reader relevance and increasing our clients return on their mailing investment.”

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