Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is something of a masterstroke from Amazon, presenting all the potential opportunities of a major shopping day but cleverly navigating the logistical challenges that often come with these days with the absence of any pre-existing external deadlines. Also, not only will Amazon increase the number of Prime subscribers, it has introduced a second retail Christmas, a whole 5 months early. A win-win in many ways.

For Amazon’s competitors, the challenge will now be about how not to lose too much business to Amazon on the day. I am expecting a flurry of special offers, from flash sales to free delivery and various other ploys. But in the midst of all of these, retailers must ensure that they have the infrastructure in place to meet increased activity and customers’ expectations.

If Black Friday and Cyber Monday taught us anything last year it was that a stable eCommerce platform to handle the traffic spikes and a network to deal with the jump in orders are essential. Without these, retailers risk losing out on more than just sales but also the opportunity to build loyalty with customers and they could also suffer serious long-term damage to their reputation.

Mark Denton, Head of Presales Consulting at BT Expedite

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