Appliances Online uses video to bring the in-store experience online

If a picture paints a thousand words, what can online video do?
That’s the vision at online kitchen appliance retailer, Appliances Online, which to date has
invested £750,000 in a video studio to create its own
product review videos.

Recognising that shopping for a new fridge or a washing machine
online can be a complicated and confusing task for consumers,
Appliances Online, part of white goods specialist DRL, has set
its sights on creating impartial video reviews on every kitchen
appliance in its inventory.

Marketing manager Andrew Kirkcaldy explains, “The idea for
the video reviews originated in July 2010 after research showed
that 90 per cent of the market used the internet to research the
category, but weren’t buying, which led us to delve into 18-month
process to bring the in-store experience online.”

The very first video was produced using a handheld camera and a
member of the marketing team as a presenter. After posting these
pilots on YouTube and receiving positive feedback from customers,
the company decided to produce high quality professional videos
on a much larger scale. The Appliances Online video studio now
boasts three kitchen sets, an editing suite and meeting area, as
well as 19 members of staff including a scriptwriter, editors,
two camera operators and six presenters.

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