As panic buying kickstarts again, new digital retailer offers a solution

As panic buying kickstarts again, new digital retailer offers  a solution

The nation is gearing up for a second wave of COVID-19 following new lockdown measures being announced by the Government, and more are expected. As experienced during the first wave of this virus, there is a general inability for supermarkets to cope with failing supply, and with this, growing consumer concern around social distancing, plus vanishing delivery slots.

The genesis of Bother began well before COVID-19. Firstly as a response to a growing consumer trend for specialist eCommerce solutions and secondly, increasing frustration with the antiquated nature of grocery shopping in the UK.  The new, digital delivery platform has sped up what we believe was an inevitable and sustained shift in the UK market, bridging the gap between Direct to Consumer and conventional eCommerce, and upending the model of supermarket deliveries.

During the first wave of COVID-19,  Bother expedited its planned launch to offer essential supplies to key workers and the NHS in an effort to relieve pressure where it was needed most. Four months later and with a full national, Bother offers to simplify customer’s lives and ensure they never run out of boring, but all important and essential non-perishable basics. Homes across the UK can receive deliveries the next day. A combination of a user-friendly product focused marketing and the public’s uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has seen orders soar by 80 per cent. The reality is that, due to their dominance, the major supermarkets haven’t changed that much operationally since the 1960s and no longer reflect the way consumers live their lives.

There is a general resign in the UK that there isn’t a better way, but with Bother’s no slot required, next day delivery service it is changing the perception. Bother offers people an alternative to shopping at supermarkets that saves time, money, reduces waste and cuts household carbon emissions. Its delivery vans are fit for purpose, and see products transported in an environmentally friendly cardboard box, with no unnecessary extra plastic. Following an initial test and learn stage from March 2020, Bother is ramping up activity to launch officially this month, with further developments set to continue until the New Year.

Bother is on a mission to save people and the planet from household shopping and to simplify their lives, giving them back the time to focus on the things that really matter during these trying times.

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