Book of Dreams axed for the second time

The Argos catalogue has been scrapped for a second time bringing to an end the country’s most popular mass-market printed shopping tool. Once with a print run of 10 million copies, the Argos catalogue was eagerly awaited by customers who collected it from Argos stores and used it to choose products. Loved by children as a way to let their parents know exactly what they wanted to receive for birthdays and Christmas, there were 3 million copies of the last issue produced.

Mark Given, CMO of Argos and Sainsbury’s said that the decision to wield the axe weighed heavily on him, even though the writing had been on the wall for some time. These days more customer use the Argos website to order products for home delivery or collection in store.

“What you’ve seen over the past decade has been a drop from 10 million catalogues printed every edition to about 3 million today. People have been picking it up less, little by little.”

Argos will however still continue to produce a lower pagination Christmas Gift Guide.

Whether it will be able to accurately analyse the effect of withdrawing its ‘big book’ remains to be seen.

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