Bucking the trend during COVID-19

WoolOvers overhauls brand to attract new customers

WoolOvers, the sustainable British Brand for the over 50’s, has bucked the trend during Covid-19 with an 85 per cent lift in like-for-like sales.

Mike Lester, CEO said: “The resilience of quality slow fashion and the work we have done around our brand are yielding results as many customers have had the time to reflect and make considered choices.

“Product diversification with the launch of linen and wovens this season and work in new markets has been critical. Australia is up 100 per cent as it enters its cold weather season. By not outsourcing our call centre and distribution, we can ensure we are working safely, and have been inundated with support from customers, some of them self-isolating and just calling for a chat”.

Natural fibre champions

WoolOvers has been championing the use of natural fibres and classic quality clothing since 1989 – with 95 per cent of its clothes using natural biodegradable fibres. Even its packaging is ecologically sound. This season all products are being delivered in reusable paper bags, returns bags and plastic garment bags will be domestically compostable, and jute bags are replacing plastic at point of sale in retail.

Long-lasting clothing

Being a good business is good for business. Sustainability and slow fashion guide every aspect from design to manufacture at WoolOvers.  The key focus is on slow fashion that lasts, encouraging shoppers to make mindful choices when it comes to buying long-lasting natural clothes offering year-in, year-out durability.

By inspiring customers to wear fewer man-made fabrics and switching to quality natural fibres, WoolOvers continues to be a vocal advocate in the crusade against plastic microfibres entering the food chain through water pollution. Every time man-made fibres go through a washing machine, millions of microfibres enter the water supply, frequently carrying toxins, which then enter the food chain.

CEO Mike Lester:  “Our customers are ever-more aware of the environmental impact of consumerism, and our entire range is designed with sustainability in mind. WoolOvers’ heritage is firmly fixed in natural fibres and classic design. Every stage of our manufacturing reflects responsible living as a lifestyle choice. All WoolOvers garments are made from sustainably sourced, biodegradable natural fibres; meaning microfibre release is virtually non-existent.”

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