Covid-19 restrictions are tightened

Retailers prepare for store re-openings next week

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today confirmed the new restrictions coming into play in England in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.  All data related to outbreaks points to a steep rise in the risk of a second wave which could, when combined with the annual uplift in cases of severe flu usually recorded in the Autumn, would place the NHS under severe strain.

1: workers are being asked to work from home when they can

2: in pubs, bars and restaurants there can only be table service and all establishments are required to close by 10pm

3: face masks must be worn by staff in retail, indoor hospitality and private hire vehicles

4: the rule of six will be tightened; a maximum of 15 people can attend weddings, and up to 30 may attend funeral services

5: sporting events may not now be attended, and business conferences are indefinitely postponed

Covid guidelines will become a legal obligation meaning that those not conforming can be fined.

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