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Ian & Mark Hammersley have been at the forefront of eCommerce for over 15 years and together they run Smartebusiness – a digital agency based in Manchester, that works with a host of B2B/B2C brands including: Aga; Brook Taverner; Christy; Cox and Cox & Naked Wines.

The brothers have also released a book ‘The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Growth’ in which they share the 7 KPI’s for eCommerce Growth. They are well respected experts and the DCA is delighted to share some of their podcasts with you: 

Ian & Mark Hammersley

Ian & Mark talk about the different types of eCommerce traffic, going through which traffic type to use and when.

Learn about email capture and techniques on how to build your email list.

How does a product page need to function and how can it be optimised to work in today’s market?

Ian & Mark discuss Google Shopping by looking at how to make it work and important areas to consider outside of the Google Ads interface.

Is your homepage working as hard as it could? Ian & Mark discuss important details and techniques for optimising this key page.

Ian & Mark tackle recruitment methods for different types of businesses to see how strategies change across different markets.

Do you already or are you planning on selling Cookware online? If yes, then you’ll want to hear the key areas that Ian & Mark think you should consider.

Join Ian & Mark as they look at how to understand what a customer is worth to a business.

Chloë Thomas is a globally recognised eCommerce marketing problem solver. Author of several bestselling books, keynote speaker, advisor, and host of both the award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast, AND the brand new Keep Optimising marketing podcast: