Predyktable DCA Accredited Member

Predyktable provides advanced Prescriptive Analytics as a managed Service for Retail and Hospitality sectors. We combine data science and sector expertise, to deliver custom-built, machine learning models that enable industry professionals to minimise business uncertainty and act profitably with foresight.





  • Our Prescriptive Analytics is the first managed Service exclusively designed for the Retail and Hospitality sectors.
  • We combine genuine data science and sector expertise, to deliver pioneering, custom-built, machine learning models for individual client needs.
  • By unlocking data’s true value way beyond current data analytics approaches, we identify previously elusive, connected, patterns to predict what will happen and recommend what to do when it does.
  • This means industry professionals can now access the most accurate, actionable foresight, so they minimise business uncertainty and take the most profitable actions.
  • We work with clients every step of the way, so they keep gaining benefits  – and avoid unnecessary complexity, confusion, costs and effort.

DCA Member offer: We’re offering try before you buy incentives to DCA member companies.

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