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We’re retail veterans, technologists and data science rockstars. We specialise in building custom data models that use advanced ML and AI technology delivered as  Prescriptive Analytics as-a-service. Your secret weapon to unlocking insights and predictions previously only available to a privileged few.





  • Predyktable provide Data Science and Prescriptive Analytics as-a-service which has historically only been available to a privileged few with vast resources and budgets
  • Our founding members are retail consultancy veterans having worked with many of the world’s largest brands on large digital transformation initiatives. Consultancy is the heart of everything we do and always will be – we’re not just a technology platform
  • Many retailers have been looking in their rear-view mirror for too long – using BI solutions heavily reliant on historic data to help them make critical marketing decisions. Predictive analytics from Predyktable is the perfect partner for BI, we leverage this data and external data sets, apply data science, ML and AI to reveal insights, predictions and most importantly recommendations on next best actions to take
  • Working with Predyktable delivers many benefits including much faster time-to-value and is a far more cost-effective solution for brands and retailers compared to trying to build this function in-house
  • We are a fully managed service, our data scientists sit in our customers teams and are constantly looking to help uncover opportunities to deliver answers and solutions to our clients high-value problems. Predyktable is your long-term strategic partner.

DCA Member offer: We’re offering try before you buy incentives to DCA member companies.

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