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Mango Ethical Direct Marketing

Mango was founded in June 2008. Initially established as a pure telemarketing bureau; Mango has rapidly grown to become one of Ireland’s leading full-service Direct Marketing agencies.

Our company ethos is at the heart of everything we do. Mango Ethical Direct Marketing Ltd. was created to specifically cater for an identified need within the telemarketing sector, namely, an organisation that could provide a cost-effective, personalised and quality-based service offering, on a principle centred and ethical basis. It is this latter point of being principle centred and ethically focused which we at Mango believe, coupled with our passion and enthusiasm, has enabled the business to grow consistently year on year to the scale and success it is today. The Ethical approach forms the very foundation of Mango’s business and operations and as a company, extends throughout every facet of what we are and what we do.

We work across a range of sectors including DRTV, Charity and Corporate, covering all forms of inbound and outbound telemarketing. We also add value to our clients by being able to offer a range of other services that allow them to house many of their processes under one roof. This includes Live Chat, fulfilment, social media management, telephony management, SMS, integration to payment providers to name a few.

At Mango, we feel our vast experience, our dedicated Account Management and our best in the industry agents makes us a fantastic partner for anyone to work with, bring continued success and grow their business with.

Some of the brands we’re working with include: The Jewellery Channel; Ideal World; Zestify; Roxi; Best Direct; ICTV


We combine customer data platform technology, data science, marketing metrics and business acumen to bring you innovative marketing solutions.

Capture and unify all of your online and offline data with the UniFida customer data platform. Build a single customer view your entire marketing team can access, and deliver seamless customer experiences.

Our marketing attribution sits inside the UniFida customer data platform and ingests data from all your online and offline sources including direct mail, paid digital, affiliates, social, email, website and call centre creating a single customer view across all personal identifiers.

All of the combined data automatically builds a table of every event preceding each sale in a 90-day window.

We use AI derived from Markov chains and survival analysis to attribute weightings automatically to each event. This way the value of each sale is allocated back to the events that led up to it.

UniFida also provide a fully outsourced insight and analysis capability for both strategic decision support, and detailed performance analysis. Our work ranges from ad hoc data science projects to building an entire outsourced insight and analytics department for medium to large companies.

Some of our current clients: Global Media Group, Wentworth Wooden Puzzles, Johnstons of Elgin, Chums, Promis Life, Premier Christian Radio, Arc Data

Huboo Technologies

We are a fulfilment company dedicated to helping brands who are experiencing considerable growth. A technology company at heart, we are revolutionalising the fulfilment industry by ensuring our customers have the best service levels regardless of their size. We offer free set up, free integrations, 2 months free storage (every time you send us stock) and free state of the art technology to make your fulfilment journey easy. We have a unique hub model, which essentially provides our customers with a micro warehouse within our warehouses and we allocate a Hub Manager who is responsible for handling stock and orders for their brand. Furthermore, we provide a direct line of communication with this Hub Manager to take the hassle out of day to day account management queries.

Special offer for DCA members: Tour of our facilities in Bristol and 1 hour no obligation account consultation free of charge with our European Enterprise Director (once COVID-19 restrictions allow).

Some of the clients we are working with: Flare Audio; Viceroy; Porsche; Carlsberg; Vintage Cash Cow; Blue Sky Cosmetics.

Golden Orb

At the core of our offering is helping businesses, both small and large, to make better use of the power of information technology.

We specialise in the development of bespoke software, both large and small, that is not otherwise available in the marketplace. In this way we give our clients a unique competitive advantage that cannot easily be replicated off the shelf.

Khaos Control

Khaos Control is a professional, well established, specialist software developer focused on producing powerful, high-quality, well-featured business solutions. We have developed mail order software, multi channel software and marketing software for business-to-business (B2B) and/or consumer direct (B2C).

Willow Ridge Digital

CRM consultancy and digital marketing services provider

DCA Member Offer

½ Day Marketing Innovation Workshop at 50% discount = £250. A design thinking based workshop for senior marketers looking to explore and evaluate new ways of engaging and retaining their customers.

Xerox Corporation

With a robust portfolio of digital technology, automation offerings and business development support, Xerox is driving transformation in the catalogue market. The Xerox Personalised Catalogue Solution fully automates the catalog production process and creates customized, tailored web, Print and mobile content for customers.


Part of Wunderman Thompson Data Products, iBehavior helps D2C brands by providing rich customer insight and GDPR-compliant prospect data. We use sophisticated machine learning modelling and insight across 230 member brands of the iBehavior data co-operative to create prospecting profiles and post-campaign reporting to help you market more effectively.