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Fashion Bunker leverages personalisation to drive customer conversion

Online fashion retailer Fashion Bunker has adopted new A/B testing technology from Nosto to help optimise its eCommerce personalisation strategy. The merchant’s initial tests using the solution have revealed a personalisation tactic that makes first-time visitors 16 per cent more likely to make a purchase.

Fashion Bunker, which sells premium Australian fashion globally, including throughout Europe and the USA, is among the first to use Nosto’s newly-launched ABTO solution. This allows eCommerce companies to test multi-page online experiences consisting of personalised product recommendations and personalised content such as banner images, headlines and copy across any number of pages – on desktop and mobile.

Initially, Fashion Bunker used ABTO to test three variations of different messaging that introduced personalised recommendations shown on its product pages. Analysing the results across all traffic visiting those pages did not indicate a clear winner among the different messaging.

However, because of the merchandising insights capability within ABTO, Fashion Bunker was able to further analyse the impact on individual customer segments. This revealed that first time visitors to the site responded and converted at a statistically significant higher rate to the change in messaging.

According to Jim Lofgren, CEO of Nosto, one of the most important challenges for retailers is converting first-time visitors. “New visitors are by far the most expensive traffic and improving the rate at which they convert – even slightly – can have an enormous impact on retailer profitability. This particular discovery for Fashion Bunker was all due to the power of segmentation within our platform and how that data is automatically used by our A/B testing capability,” explained Lofgren. “It means you can discover new data insights, even from tests that are inconclusive on overall traffic because you can tie everything back to a product, brand, and shopper segment. With another testing tool, you would not get this level of granular insight. The test would simply have come up as inconclusive and the retailer would have just moved on.”

James Brown, head of eCommerce & digital from Fashion Bunker said: “Thanks to the new Nosto A/B Testing & Optimisation tool, we have managed to gather actionable insights on how different segments of customers respond to different variations of a product recommendation slot. This has allowed us to further think on how we can better personalise shopping experiences for some lifecycle segments who have already ordered from our online store. More precisely, it has allowed us to adjust messaging, and our overall tone of voice across channels, to better fit each segment’s needs.”

ABTO enables digital retailers to execute, optimise, and learn from sophisticated A/B and multivariate tests across Nosto’s complete set of onsite personalisation products. They can test the performance of multiple variations of elements such as personalised recommendations, banner images, or call-to-action copy, across any number of pages. The new offering makes Nosto the first personalisation solution to provide actionable insights into which products and brands consumers are most likely to purchase via A/B test results

About Fashion Bunker

BNKR takes the lead when it comes to delivering innovative Australian fashion direct to the world. From its humble beginnings as a small online retailer in Australia, BNKR has quickly expanded to become a truly global company. Offering express shipping to all 50 states, plus seamless customer service, BNKR is making premium Australian fashion accessible to the U.S. and hundreds of locations worldwide. BNKR has also recently launched a sleek brick and mortar flagship store in Adelaide’s CBD – with plans for an L.A. flagship soon to follow – capturing the essence of the online store within a more tactile shopping experience. The labels offered are also a favourite of international celebrities, bloggers and street style stars, worn by Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, Solange Knowles, Song Of Style and Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three (just to name a few).

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