Login and pay with Amazon now available in Europe

Payments Europe S.C.A. (“Amazon Payments”) has announced that Login and Pay
with Amazon is available in Europe. The
service allows customers to go from browsing to buying in just a few clicks by
using their Amazon account information, eliminating the friction associated with
creating an account and completing a purchase on third party sites.

and Pay with Amazon provides a fast, convenient and secure purchasing
experience and we are excited to introduce the service to our European
customers,” said Annemarie Jung, Director External Payments Europe, Amazon
Payments Europe S.C.A. “With Login and Pay with Amazon, businesses in Europe
can now streamline the customer account creation and payment process on their
website with the backing of a brand consumers know and trust.”

to a survey conducted by Redshift Research, 61% of consumers said they would be
likely to abandon their basket if the payment process took longer than 10
minutes, compared with 27% if it took over five minutes. Over half of
respondents said the optimum time for completing an online transaction was
under two minutes[1].

AllSaints, the iconic British brand with an international following, made Login
and Pay with Amazon available on its website, the company has seen a reduction
in the time it takes a customer to check out by approximately 1 minute
and 10 seconds and within the first few days of being live, 24 per cent of all
online sales were being made via Login and Pay with Amazon.

implementing Login and Pay with Amazon, AllSaints has experienced a 34 per cent
uplift in online check out conversion in the US alone,” said James Wintle,
global director of technology, AllSaints. ”Additionally, we continue to hear
positive feedback from our customers who appreciate the speed, convenience and
added security that Login and Pay with Amazon provides. We look forward to continuing
our work with Amazon Payments as we address customer pain points and improve
the overall online customer experience.”

In addition to AllSaints, other sellers currently providing the Login and Pay with
Amazon service include SECRETSALES.com, Moss Bros’, printed.com,
Overclockers UK, FulhamBrassOnline, Paddock Spares in the UK and
engelhorn, Babyartikel, Moebelisten, Klimaworld & Hirschel-Cosmetic in

and Pay with Amazon works seamlessly on tablet, mobile, and desktop
devices. Online merchants get simple, low pricing for payment services
and fraud protection from Amazon Payments at no extra fee. Amazon
Payments does not share the customers’ credit card information, and eligible
purchases are covered by Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee, offering buyers the same
transaction protection they receive when purchasing products on

can implement it with existing websites using a set of widgets and APIs to
embed on the site and integrate with back-end systems.

[1]Redshift Research LTD,
2014, survey
of 3000 consumers in the UK and Germany

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