Lush Cosmetics overhauls its communications system

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics has signed a deal with RingCentral UK, through CDW, to power its business communications across its global workforce. The retailer says the move, which sees it transition away from an on-premise system, makes it more adaptable and enables better engagement with its customers.

Given that Lush employees are increasingly working remotely, they can use the multimodal capabilities of RingCentral Office, such as team messaging, video meetings, and a cloud-based phone system, to communicate with customers and their peers across from any location. It can also be accessed on any device.

Brad Candy, technical operations manager at Lush, said: “The feedback from our team has already been hugely positive. There’s a sense of relief that we’ve now moved from the clunkiness of an on-premise system to a next-generation cloud communications solution. Updates that used to take us hours to complete previously can now be done in a matter of minutes with RingCentral. The transition was much easier than expected.”

Steve Rafferty, UK managing director at RingCentral, said: “We understand that with scale comes the need for flexible solutions that not only provide robust collaboration features but are compatible with existing company systems. We spent a lot of time customising our offering to Lush’s specific requirements to ensure their employees be as productive as possible and engage with customers effectively.”

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