Mail Train Media launches ‘MatchBack’ service

Mail Train Media, the inserts-based direct advertising solution from multichannel retail group Scotts & Co, is to launch a media planning service, called MatchBack, which will be free to brands that use its insert marketing channels.

Mail Train Media offers brands more than 200 million targeted insert opportunities each year through weekly high-volume mailings of Scotts & Co.’s biggest mail order catalogue titles.

The new MatchBack planning resource will help brands to measure the extent to which their spend on insert advertising influences consumer purchases via other channels, such as eCommerce platforms.

It will help to provide a detailed view of the customer journey, from receiving an advertiser’s insert to making a purchase. This will give media planners insight into what triggers a consumer response by analysing the interaction and connection between inserts and the channels through which customers ultimately respond.

The MatchBack service will be available on three levels: postcodes only; household types; and individuals by name and address (the latter is subject to full compliance with data protection regulations).

MatchBack will also be used to help new clients make a more informed choice about where to conduct test mailings. Mail Train Media currently offers first-time advertisers an opportunity to test 50,000 inserts free of charge.

Nigel Swabey, CEO of Scotts & Co. and Mail Train Media, said: “We know from our own experience at Scotts that mailings drive traffic to our catalogue brands’ websites. We market accordingly to take advantage of that dual channel interaction to help drive higher response levels. Our response rates have increased by 75 per cent over the past year.

“We believe MatchBack will help Mail Train Media’s insert clients to use these same methods to increase their own response levels. By matching responders back to the various touchpoints you get a deeper understanding of which mix of channels works best. Media planners can then refine future integrated marketing campaigns to maximise customer recruitment levels and return on investment.”

Swabey added: “The power of data to drive profitable customer acquisition is not new, of course, but I’m not aware of any other media owner that offers a free in-depth analysis of an advertiser’s responders to enable the client to fine-tune their future strategy.”

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