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Powatag enables low-cost omni-channel access for retailers of all sizes

Powatag enables low-cost omni-channel access for retailers of all sizes

With over 90 per cent of retailers highlighting online
and mobile commerce as a priority across 2014[1], access to low-cost
omni-channel will put retailers of all sizes on an even keel, according to Powa

The company has launched PowaTag to meet the demands of
businesses of all sizes by providing access to a revolutionary new way to
transact via mobile while keeping implementation costs low. The mobile commerce
solution enables shoppers to complete transactions anytime, anywhere in two
taps with their smartphone. The app uses a variety of triggers including
scanning print material, audio tags, social media, NFC and Bluetooth beacons,
enabling a new level of freedom for shoppers.

Despite the continued economic recovery, small to
medium-sized retailers are still struggling to find the finance vital for
investment in new technology, with a new report from the Bank of England
revealing that net lending to SMEs from the Government was down by £400 million
in the second quarter of the year[2].

At the other end of the scale, while large retailers have
access to capital to develop omni-channel strategies, they must risk large
investments to make changes across their operations.

Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa Technologies,
comments: “SMEs and market leaders are facing the same challenges, as
consumers demand more freedom and convenience in the way they shop. They need
to provide a high quality omni-channel offering that includes mobile commerce
and fast deliveries.

However, the lack of access to critical funding makes it
very difficult for smaller businesses to invest in the infrastructure needed to
compete while still keeping their prices low enough to match an increasingly competitive
landscape. Likewise, even the largest retailers face a daunting financial
decision when investing in the technology to fuel a large scale omni-channel

PowaTag smoothly integrates with existing retail systems,
both physical and digital, and requires only a small fee of either 25p or 0.1
per cent of item sales, and needs no additional technology or infrastructure.

Dan adds: “With more consumers turning to eCommerce
as they search for better deals, there is a fantastic opportunity for companies
of all sizes to reach new customers and experience rapid growth. By introducing
an entirely new sales channel but keeping implementation costs low, PowaTag
will help them reap the potential rewards, without a risky financial
investment.” 

[1] TLT Retail Growth Strategies Survey 2014 [2] Bank of
England Trends in Lending report, 20/10/2014

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