rag & bone opts for Wunderkind solution 

rag & bone opts for Wunderkind solution 

Luxury urban clothing brand, rag & bone, has optimised performance across email and text message to drive increased revenue, thanks to a solution from behavioural marketing technology provider, Wunderkind.

The solution from Wunderkind (formerly BounceX) has also helped rag & bone reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC).

New York-based rag & bone specialises in British heritage style. The fashion brand has 42 stores internationally, including three London outlets. rag & bone is also stocked across several UK luxury retailers, including Selfridges and Harrods, and while it had traditionally focused on wholesale, it has been strategically growing its direct-to-consumer (D2C) offer over the past few years.

As part of its D2C strategy, rag & bone sought new ways to connect with shoppers. The fashion brand wanted to make its owned channels work harder, as a cost-effective way to engage, convert, and remarket to customers.

Having already seen success in driving revenue across its email channel with Wunderkind, increasing triggered email traffic to the site by 3.7x which drove 7.27 per cent of total digital revenue for the brand, rag & bone wanted to expand its marketing capabilities across further channels, namely text messaging, Wunderkind said.

Implementing Wunderkind’s Smart Sender, a text message feature that uses on-site behaviour to send individual customers texts based on when they are most likely to buy, rag & bone was able to open up text as a standalone sales channel. With automated triggers optimising send times, Wunderkind text messages now make up 9.8 per cent of rag & bone’s total digital revenue.

And, because it was able to integrate email and text message engagement through one platform, enhancing personalisation via a 360-degree view of the customer, rag & bone now sees over 20 per cent of their total digital revenue driven from Wunderkind.

Aaron Detrick, VP of Digital at rag & bone, commented: “Wunderkind has been an incredible tool to ensure that we’re maximising our spend.  It helps us bring consumers back to site with thoughtful experiences based on intent they’ve shown on our website.”

Danielle Auerbach, Senior Director, Customer Success EMEA at Wunderkind, added: “The CAC was already rising for retailers well before the covid-19 pandemic – but the explosion in demand for eCommerce we saw in 2020 has meant competition across biddable channels, which has accelerated CAC to an unsustainable level.  As such, brands now need to unlock the potential in their owned channels as a way not only to improve sales, but to enhance engagement with their shoppers.”

“By opening up new channel capabilities, such as text messaging, and integrating them with existing marketing capabilities like email, retailers can deliver enhanced customer experiences that drive conversions, boost loyalty and increase customer lifetime value,” she concluded.

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