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StyleShoots launches next generation photographic technology in the UK

StyleShoots, the Dutch technology manufacturer
transforming fashion photography, unveiled its newest products at a
launch event at the Business Design Centre in London in October. StyleShoots’ pioneering equipment is revolutionising the way that fashion brands can capture collection imagery. Both its
Vertical and Horizontal machines significantly cut the costs of cut-out
photography while also allowing users to produce web-ready images in a
matter of seconds.

such as Zalando, and Marks & Spencer are already using
the machines, and fashion- entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den panellist
Touker Suleyman has given StyleShoots his full support.

explains, “This new technology really does have the potential to
transform the way that fashion brands photograph their garments. Up to
now, this has been a costly and time consuming process, but StyleShoots
equipment mean that brands can focus on the actual artistry of
collections and not have to worry about the technical details.

an owner of two StyleShoots machines, I have been incredibly impressed
by their capability – so I’m extremely excited to see this next
generation of machines come to the UK.”

Jørgensen, Head of Product and Marketing at StyleShoots, says “Our
newest equipment means users can create stunning product photos at the
touch of a button. And for the first time ever, you can now adjust light
and shadow with just the swipe of a finger, bringing out all the
details in your products. This is a significant technical achievement
only made possible by us integrating all components into a single
machine and using industry leading LED lighting.

are confident that our products are an ideal solution to brands’ and
online retailers’ frustrations at the cost of photography. With
StyleShoots the only limitation to how many pieces you can photograph is
the speed of your styling. We’ve seen customers achieve efficiency
gains of over 4X, all while cutting costs and increasing consistency of
the output.”

machines have been acclaimed by the fashion and photography industries
and the company was named National Champion in European Business Awards
2015/16 earlier this year. The business launched in the UK in 2012.

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