Sustainable cashmere clothing brand launches online

Sustainable cashmere clothing brand launches online

A new British sustainable clothing brand, specialising in ‘feel good’ cashmere, has launched online.

Two professionals with years of experience in the world of knitwear spotted the opportunity in the market to launch a brand built around the principles of understated style, quality and a dedication to sustainability.

Despite the current economic turmoil, the partners said they secured solid investor backing and pressed ahead with a pre-Christmas launch.

The inspiration behind Loop Cashmere comes from a desire to create a cashmere brand that is gentle on the environment and fair to people, whilst offering impeccable quality and luxury style to customers, the company says. Beyond that, Loop aims to free delivery on all purchases alongside a 365-day guarantee.

Loop Cashmere said it has carefully selected supply chain partners and processes that are kind to the planet and to people, from the factory in Inner Mongolia with an on-site water treatment plant reusing water used throughout the production process, to the UK distribution centre owned and run by a disabled workforce.

The new brand says it offers luxury cashmere “with a conscience”. The collection boasts a range of knitwear and accessories balancing timeless looks with a contemporary edge, Loop says.

Loop Cashmere has launched online with a carefully curated range of luxury garments and accessories.

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