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TikTok and Shopify join forces to help UK businesses

TikTok and Shopify join forces to help UK businesses

TikTok and Shopify has extended its new partnership to the UK. The move sees Shopify merchants now able create and run ad campaigns through the TikTok For Business platform to reach the 100-million strong TikTok community in Europe.

The companies say that the partnership will help businesses embrace new ideas, trends and insights.

In the past year, Shopify has reported high growth in the UK market with the number of new store creations increasing 116 per cent compared to 2019 figures.

According to Kantar, 67 per cent of TikTok’s audience is aged 25 and over, and 83 per cent of those browsing TikTok say that seeing trending content has inspired them to make a purchase.

The partnership will help merchants stay ahead of trends by making it easier for them to tap into the creativity of the TikTok community, be discovered, and optimise their marketing campaigns.

Shopify merchants of all sizes will be able to access the core functions of the TikTok For Business Ads Manager, without leaving the Shopify dashboard. Among the many tool highlights are free ad credits, advanced ad matching, and ‘1-click’ pixel – a small piece of code that businesses can place on their website to find new customers, optimise campaigns and measure ad performance.

Shimona Mehta, managing director of Shopify EMEA, said: “The past year has been one of immense change for retailers, who have had to be agile in a rapidly evolving retail landscape. Today, the way that entrepreneurs start, run, and grow businesses has permanently altered, as has how consumers shop.

“Brands are having to compete like never before to get the attention of buyers. The goal is for businesses to make it easier for buyers to discover their brands. With this new TikTok partnership, Shopify merchants in the UK can connect with new customers in a way that can help them build their brand, drive sales and create engaged communities.”

Lisa Friedrich, head of SMB at TikTok Europe, said: “The businesses thriving today are continuing to innovate in order to find the best ways to engage with customers. As the home of joyful creativity, and with a hugely diverse audience, we are very excited about how this new partnership will be able to help brands in that quest.

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen such resilience from founders and entrepreneurs across Europe, including the UK, who have brought energy, creativity and new ideas.  They will be at the heart of future economic growth. This partnership will hopefully be a game-changer for Shopify merchants in the UK, helping them quickly, effectively and accurately reach target audiences online, and convert that into spend.”

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