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Victoria Plum vacates Hessle HQ

Victoria Plum

Victoria Plum has vacated its offices at Jack Brignall House, on the Bridgehead Business Park in Hessle, following the company’s decision to permanently switch much of its workforce to remote working. This is expected to become something of a trend as businesses seek to realign their working practises in the wake of Covid-19.

The online bathroom provider which is in its twentieth year now lists its main 275,000 sq.ft. Doncaster distribution base as its registered office. Acquired by Endless eighteen months ago and led by CEO Paul McClenaghan, Victoria Plum says it will now operate from hubs within its Doncaster facility and a small standalone office in Hessle where its team members can plan to meet and work together as required.

Sales for the full year to 28th February 2021 reached a record £103m, representing a 46 per cent increase, with EBITDA up by 115 per cent to £4.5m.  The business has created around 50 new jobs to support its ongoing growth plans.  Clenaghan said: “We are confident that we will continue to grow at speed. Our market fundamentals are strong, we have the necessary scalable infrastructure in place and a clearly differentiated design and installation service that is experiecning rapidly increasing demand.”

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