DCA Annual Summit

Join us for this year’s full-day Summit on 17th June. We’re working hard to bring you the best possible virtual event experience and we’re keeping all of the elements that make DCA events so special. The Agenda is still being worked on, please find details of the confirmed sessions below. If you’d like to speak or join a panel session please email info@directcommerce.biz 

DCA Members can book tickets for the special earlybird rate of £165(+vat) – BUY ONE GET ONE FREE until 1st May

Members are also welcome to use their allocation of free/half price places to attend – please contact us for more information or to check your companies membership status.

Non-members can book tickets for £195(+vat) per person.

Call 0208 092 5227 or email info@directcommerce.biz to book your places

Confirmed Sessions:

Modern Customer Development with Kevin Hillstrom, Mine That Data

In this session, Kevin will explain why Customer Development is so important in a post-COVID world. Kevin will address the five key stages in Customer Development, namely Acquisition, Welcome, Emergence, Loyalty, and Retirement. Learn how to address whether your brand is able to develop customers in a manner that leads to sales gains and profit improvements. 

Keep Optimising – the Latest Digital Marketing Tips and Tactics with Chloe Thomas, eCommerce Masterplan

Bestselling author and award-winning podcast host Chloë Thomas will be bringing us a run down of the latest and greatest digital marketing tips and tactics.
Join this session to find out the clever and innovative new strategies that being used to successfully increase both new customer acquisition AND customer retention. From quick tips through to big picture strategy Chloë will be sharing a wide range of a tactics taken from recent podcast interviews with retailers and marketing experts. Expect plenty of examples!

7 Steps to Sustainable Print Marketing with Alistair Ezzy, The Lettershop Group

Consumer pressure is growing, forcing companies and organisations to consider new technologies, materials and ideas to reduce their impact on the environment. Print and paper is inherently recyclable and sustainable and is an essential part of the marketing mix driving revenue and engagement. To help you consider your impact on the environment, Alistair Ezzy, Managing Director, Lettershop, part of YM Group, presents 7 Steps to Sustainable Print Marketing. These 7 steps are designed to help print and mail users to continue to evolve their print marketing to increase efficiency and improve sustainability.

Dealing with huge unplanned sales during a global pandemic with Siobhain Goodall, MPLcontact & Gavin Ucko, The Happy Puzzle Co

Hear how The Happy Puzzle company managed to fulfil unprecedented customer sales and an excellent customer experience whilst simultaneously changing their supply chain, managing cost and all within the unknown environment of a global pandemic

Made better in 5 Steps with Matt Booker, COUSIN

How to maximise the impact of your printed collateral by looking at alternative: 

  • Formats – Newsletter style within Letter format, interesting and efficient one piece DM formats, bound-in inserts, short trimmed sections, cover flaps.
  • Papers – sing high bulk coated papers to reduce mailing weight. Mixing papers within a catalogue for change of pace, to highlight a specific range or to reduce weight. Uncoated vs coated and mixing the two. Reducing paper lead times. Specialist papers with a special story.
  • Processes – Digital vs sheet-fed vs web offset. Getting the best from imagery on uncoated paper. Personalisation.
  • Technologies – Dynamic content. Trigger mailings for customer reactivation and welcome programmes.
  • Partnerships – Collaboration with complimentary brands. Parcel insert swaps.

Making AI driven omnichannel marketing attribution a reality! with Julian Berry, UniFida

Attribution has never been more crucial and this session sets out to explain why and how this essential marketing function should and can be informing your crucial decision-making. Embracing the digital channels like social and email – with the offline channels like catalogues and DM, this session illustrates how the performance of each arm of each channel can be precisely measured. Add the power of real-time reporting filtered to review specific customer or product groups and enjoy the clarity!

Julian will explain how AI provides the means to weight the different events that occur prior to an order being placed so that, for instance, a catalogue receipt three weeks before an order is evaluated against, say, a click-through from social media on the day before an order.

Clever stuff that will instil greater confidence in your future marketing investments.

How to Americanize your Direct Marketing with Todd Gawronski, Royle Printing

Consultative market strategies that maximize direct marketing investment and comply with all print, postal and logistical guidelines. In this session, Todd will cover:

  • Suggested best practices as it relates to translating Euro direct marketing piece to an effective U.S. direct marketing piece
  • Optimal calendar
  • Efficient formats
  • Industry symposiums (NEMOA, ACMA)
  • Customer Profile Analysis, Database Hygiene and Management
  • Postal, Recommendations, Regulations and Current Market Conditions
  • Paper Market Conditions and Acquisition Strategies
  • Measuring your results, owning the name

Why you should outsource your fulfilment and how to find the right partner with Martin Bysh, Huboo Technologies

With the sustained boom in eCommerce, many SMEs in retailing have outsourced their fulfilment so that they can cut storage and shipping costs and focus on their key business.

Retailers of all types and sizes can benefit from the expertise of a fulfilment specialist, but you should check that your potential partners can tailor their service to your business’s current stage of growth and that they can grow with you. Martin Bysh, CEO & Co-Founder of fulfilment company Huboo Technologies, shares his expert advice on why you should outsource your fulfilment and how to find the right partner.

The principles of offline persuasion with James Wheele, Paper & Pixels

Insight into how to produce the most compelling offline creative that utilises the principles of persuasion to increase response. We’ll explore:

  • The principles of persuasion and how they can be applied to offline channels
  • The craft of an effective headline and the science of the flow to a CTA
  • The customer journey from paper through to pixels and the different stages of an offline acquisition
  • Why we think we know best, but ultimately it’s all in the test – the art of stepping back!

Creating Customer Loyalty And New Revenue Streams In A Unique Industry with Andy Huggins & Greg Radford, Rocket Marketing Group

We will be discussing and showcasing various forms of customer loyalty and the impact of customer engagement for brands within the Commerce/Retail space. This will include a brief case study on a couple of our clients for both Revenue Generating and Non-Revenue Generating programmes.

Managing rapid growth in difficult times with Steve Sneath, Intersoft