Are you missing a trick with your e-com marketing plan?

Are you missing a trick with your e-com marketing plan?

You are probably up to your neck with online marketing, SEO, e-shots, Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Shopping, Adwords, Tik Tok etc. etc. Constantly adjusting and fine-tuning your campaigns just to keep one step ahead of the competition and in front of the right potential customers, but have you considered off-line marketing – specifically Flyer Inserts?

Why inserts?

Your flyer goes directly into the hands of guaranteed buyers.

You know they are buyers because that’s how they received the flyer. This tells you they have disposable income that they are willing to spend and are internet confident and savvy not just a lurker or tyre kicker.

Higher conversion rate and order value.

Because the flyer will arrive from a source the buyer is already comfortable with (Know, Like, Trust) you will benefit from the glow effect. “If sent me this then the insert companies must be OK as well” so, they will have more confidence to buy and spend more with you.

Easily trackable.

It’s a flyer with a special offer so it will have a coupon code which you can track. You should also have a specific landing page so you can track impressions as well as conversions.

 No insert costs if you swap.

Most partners wont charge if you swap but if you don’t have enough volume some may allow a 3 or 4 month period for distribution or you could pay to have you flyer distributed.

They are cheap – around £100 per 10,000 flyers.

Even if you use a good quality paper to reflect your brand values and quality images they are still quite cheap – remember the more you print the cheaper it gets.

No on-going maintenance required.

Once you have worked out your offer, got it designed up, printed and sent to your partner/s there is nothing more to do except monitor the response and fill the orders.

No flyers from competitors.

You can insist on no competitor flyers with your partner but it is unlikely a partner would do this, so, you will be the only company with your offering in the box.

Make money from fresh air.

Flyers are light weight – just a few grams so, they are unlikely to push your parcel into the next weight charging bracket making it even more economic to swap flyers.

Increased customer satisfaction.

Your customers will be pleased that you have thoughtfully put some carefully selected offers in their parcel. You could even enclose them in a special envelope marked “Special offers carefully selected by us for you”

Improve your brand credibility.

If you are a smaller business partnering with a well-known brand it will improve your brand credibility.

Easily Scalable

So, you’ve tried a 10,000 flyer swap, then there is no stopping you trying a 50,000 swap.

No GDPR worries

You don’t need to know or hold any personal detail about recipients so you don’t need to worry about GDPR

Easily Defined Audience

Just like online marketing you can define your audience by age group, gender, interests the only difference is you will know they are buyers

Don’t stop with parcel inserts with your partner/s try

  • Offers and link on each others e-shots
  • Offers and link on order confirmation page.
  • Offers and link on order confirmation email
  • Competitions

Don’t forget

  • Make you offer compelling (Think long term value of a new customer).
  • Use a specific landing page and offer code so you can monitor impressions and conversions.
  • Get urgency into the offer with an end date and/or limited quantity.
  • Print both sides.
  • Include your own insert in your own parcels eg. Recommend a friend.

How do you arrange an insert swap?

You can trawl the internet looking for suitable partners and then email them if there is an email address, if there isn’t then you will have to fill in an on-line form. Then sit back and wait for a response but don’t hold your breath. It’s not often you will find a phone number and if there is it is usually an automated service.

What’s the easiest way to arrange an insert swap?

Alternatively, you can join, they’ve done the leg work! They have researched this information, vetted, spoken to and approved all the e-com businesses on the platform.

Once on board you will be able to choose who you would like to partner with and start a conversation as your message will be sent direct to the person responsible for inserts. continues to monitor member’s performance in responding to messages and distributing flyers through feed-back from members so you are assured of a first class service.

Membership is a simple monthly subscription paid quarterly based on the number of orders you ship in a month irrespective of the number of companies you contact and the number of flyers you send. Subscription starts from just £30 a month for e-coms sending less than 1000 orders per month.

As a new member you will get a handy resource pack with info on how the platform works along with hints and tips on designing your offer and flyer.

Special Offer

Sign up now and don’t pay until August. Contact for details.

More than 1 e-com business?

No Prob! Currently they are offering up to 5 web site registrations for the price of 1. This Offer will close 31st August.

Still want it even easier?

No prob! They can run the whole process for you once you have devised your offer their tame Graphic Designer will come up with a flyer for you to approve. They can get this printed and sent direct to your chosen partner/s

Contact details

0759 0673704

Inserts versus Online Marketing

Inserts will never replace online marketing but should be seen as something that works away in the back ground


Inserts Online Marketing
Once set up will run in the background Requires constant attention
No competition Plenty of competition
Guaranteed Buyers No guarantee
Fixed Cost Cost varies, sometimes without control
Unlimited flyer size Limited size adverts
Freehand design Set formats with some platforms
Marketing spend stays in the UK Marketing spend goes out of the UK
Can’t scroll past the flyer Easy to scroll past


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