Amazon hikes rates for Prime in the UK and Europe

Amazon hikes rates for Prime in the UK and Europe

Following on from the start of the year when price rises were imposed in the US for Prime subscriptions, Amazon has unveiled significant increases for customers in the UK and Europe which will take effect from September 15th.

In Germany the annual fee will up by 30 per cent, UK customers will pay 29 per cent more, with customers in France, Italy and Spain charged between 39 per cent and 43 per cent extra for their annual subscriptions.

Amazon says that its rates for Prime membership have not been increased since 2018 and that inflation, Covid-19 issues in China, Omicron, and the war in Ukraine have all resulted in it incurring much higher operating costs which have heavily impacted its profits. Amazon reported a US$3.8bn loss for Q1 which it attributes to these external factors.


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