Amazon to close three UK warehouses

Amazon to close three UK warehouses

Following recent revelations that Amazon was looking to cut 18,000 jobs globally, it says it is closing three of its UK warehouses. Affected locations are Doncaster with 400 staff, Hemel Hempstead with 500, and Gourock, Scotland with 300. The business says that affected employees will be offered jobs in different locations.

Amazon is, however, moving ahead with new sites which it says will create 2500 jobs over three years in Peddimore and Stockton-on-Tees, saying that it may close older sites, enhance existing sites, or open new sites as part of its network evaluation which aims to ‘improve the experience’ for employees and customers.

In an official statement relating to the closures, it said: “All employees affected by site closure consultations will be offered the opportunity to transfer to other facilities and we remain committed to our customers, employees and communities across the UK.”

Amazon also says that it will offer retraining and reskilling opportunities for those who will need to find new jobs.


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