Bye-bye search engines, social media is taking over

Bye-bye search engines, social media is taking over

According to HubSpot’s recent Social Media Report, 82 per cent of businesses believe that consumers will find brands using social media rather than traditional search engines.

Uptick in social media shopping

With 70 per cent of brands selling products directly via social media, and nearly 80 per cent buying advertising on the big four platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok), it’s clear that businesses are seeing the value in reaching consumers on these channels.

Cemented by the death of telephone customer service

But it’s not just about shopping. 74 per cent of organisations stated that social media will become consumers’ preferred means of customer service this year. That’s right, people are turning to the direct messages of a company over spending hours on hold for a telephone conversation.

Julie Lock, Marketing Director UK&I, at HubSpot said: “The future of marketing is no longer about interrupting what people are interested in, it’s about being what people are interested in. With social media shopping on the rise, and customer service increasingly moving online, it’s clear that brands need to have a strong presence on these platforms in order to succeed.

“And it’s more important than ever for organisations to truly understand where their customers are and adapt their engagement strategies to meet them on their preferred channels as attracting and retaining key audiences will ultimately grow their business.”

And driven by the younger generation

And it’s not any social media that is taking over – it’s TikTok. In fact, over half (55 per cent) of businesses believe that the new kid on the block has the most potential for growth, compared to just 8 per cent who think Instagram is the way to go. It seems like the younger generation’s love for TikTok is driving this trend, and businesses are ready to ride the wave.

So, internet browsers, it’s time to step aside and let social media take the wheel, as the next generation decides how to search, shop and spend.


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