Conrad Electronic partners with ReCommerce Group

Conrad Electronic partners with ReCommerce Group

Conrad Electronic, the German electronics and smartphone retailer, has partnered with ReCommerce Group to launch a take-back programme for used devices. This will enable Conrad customers to re-sell their used products via a trade-in platform which ReCommerce will manage.

Under the agreement, ReCommerce will refurbish products – primarily smartphones and tablets – erase data and then either resell them or see that they are recycled.

“Our partnership with ReCommerce responds to the desire of our customers to be able to reuse more of their devices. The trade-in programme makes it very easy for customers to resell their used electronics and earn money with their existing resources. It’s a great initiative to encourage people to give their devices a second life. In this way, recycling and resale actively contribute to the circular economy,” commented Michael Gotz, director of marketing services and processes at Conrad Electronic.


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