Fat Face on the block

Fat Face on the block

Fat Face which was taken over by its lenders in a debt for equity deal is now understood to be seeking a buyer. Reports are that the retailer has appointed Rothschild to explore its options having achieved an increase in sales to £125 million for the six months to November 27th. It had filed sales of £165 million for the year to May 29th 2021 during a year which saw its online sales boom but was difficult for its stores due to lockdowns. Over 20 stores were closed permanently and a total of 600 jobs were lost across the business, its then CEO Liz Evans left for George and was replaced by CFO Will Crumbie.

The retailer serves a 40+ customer, has 193 UK stores, 22 in the US and also trades online in its own right as well as via 3rd party sites.


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