Groupon UK launches new best price guarantee

Groupon UK launches new best price guarantee

Groupon has launched a new Best Price Guarantee––giving shoppers the assurance they’re getting the best available price as they buy gifts. If a customer purchases an eligible deal from Groupon, and finds a lower price elsewhere, Groupon will refund the customer 100 per cent of the price difference in Groupon credit. In addition, customers will receive an additional 25 per cent back in the form of Groupon credit that they can use on their next purchase, for a total return of 125 per cent of the overall price difference.

“We’re moving quickly to improve Groupon’s core marketplace experience to boost customer retention and drive purchase frequency. In order to do this, we’re standing behind our value proposition and delivering on this promise every single time a customer buys an eligible deal in our marketplace. When we say something is a deal, we mean it or we’ll refund the difference,” said Jean-Francois Bessiron, VP Groupon. “Our new guarantee also takes the guesswork out of holiday shopping as value-conscious consumers can trust us to have the best price on that escape room gift or soothing deep tissue massage.”


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