Jane Shilton steps out online

Jane Shilton steps out online

The new site for the designer and retailer of handbags and
luggage, shoes and small leather goods and accessories has
selected Real TSP to build the site as well as handle online
marketing activities. Under the terms of the deal, rather than
receiving a flat fee for designing the site, Real TSP is rewarded
on the basis of the value of sales made from the site. This
approach is also used by Adams.co.uk and racinggreen.co.uk.
Andrew Shilton, sales director for Jane Shilton (and one of the
founder’s sons) is keen on this novel approach. He says that the
agency is “well incentivised to make the site work
as hard and as fast as possible in order to earn the greatest
amount of remuneration for their own company. And of course, this
drive to achieve e-commerce sales exactly matches our own aims.
He also said that the company chose to use Real TSP for its
online marketing requirements to avoid becoming “embroiled
in a blame culture” when things go wrong. Andrew Shilton
believes that the new site is capable of generating over time as
much, if not more, revenue than the company’s single largest
store, as well as providing a global shop window for its


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