Mirakl introduces advertising solution

Mirakl introduces advertising solution

Mirakl has announced Mirakl Ads, a retail media network solution enabling businesses to monetise eCommerce web traffic across marketplace and first-party offerings.

Retail media is projected to reach US$160 billion globally by 2027 and this creates an opportunity for online retailers to monetise web traffic. Mirakl says that existing solutions lack the control, visibility, and buying experience required to deliver adequate return on investment.

Mirakl Ads, it says, will provide advertisers and marketplace sellers with a seamless relationship-driven platform to optimise their digital advertising spend. It will offer access to many of the largest marketplaces in the world with a cross-commerce solution to maximise their return on investment. It streamlines campaign management with automated capabilities that leverage sales data and sellers’ store catalogues to determine which sponsored ads will generate the best engagement, while also offering real-time performance metrics. The unified solution also eliminates the need for multiple logins, additional integrations, and disparate budgets.

For publishers and marketplace operators, the platform-agnostic solution represents a significant improvement to what currently exists in the market. It is compatible with marketplace, drop-ship and first-party eCommerce, working seamlessly across a full digital product assortment whilst also enabling users to define campaign performance metrics.


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