Mobilis upgrades web and catalogue operations

If you discovered that 35 percent of your customers preferred to
shop online from your company and a further 50 percent
“dabbled in online ordering”, you’d probably earmark
a significant investment in your website. That’s what medical
supplies marketer Mobilis has done.

To “take advantage of changing procurement patterns”,
Mobilis invested £2 million in new software including the
purchase of an ecommerce platform from Maginus that integrates
with Mobilis’s existing Maginus ERP system and back-office
processes. Mobilis hopes that the improved web platform will
boost online sales from 2 percent to 20 percent of total revenue
within two years.

Not that Mobilis is ignoring the power of print. At 444 pages,
its latest master catalogue is almost 100 pages larger than the
previous edition and features a colour-coded layout for easy
reference. It has also published specialist mini-logues covering
podiatry, physiotherapy and sports medical supplies.


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