Primark releases debut circular collection

Primark releases debut circular collection

Primark has launched its first circular collection which debuts in mid-April. The 35 piece range is based upon Primark’s ‘Circular Product Standard’ which it has based on Ellen MacArthur Foundation principles.

The retailer will now be training 500 members of its product teams as well a selected suppliers in order to develop larger ranges of circular product.

Nicholas Lambert, circular product lead, Primark commented; “While we hope our customers enjoy wearing every piece in the collection, we also want to bring them on this journey with us as well look to change mindsets about what an affordable, circular product looks like.

“This collection was created by a small group of our designers, buyers and suppliers piloting our new Circular Product Standard and, while we know this is just one small step in our commitment to become a more circular business, we’re excited to now roll these new design principles our across our business and with more suppliers, allowing us to scale it up.”


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