River Island replaces Adobe Scene7 with Cloudinary solution

River Island replaces Adobe Scene7 with Cloudinary solution

River Island has opted to implement Cloudinary’s Media Experience Cloud solutions to improve customer experience and engagement. This will support and further improve the multichannel fashion retailer’s increasingly important digital channel which currently delivers around half of its overall revenues.

The River Island team will use Cloudinary to automate new media asset publishing across its multiple online channels. It expects that this will significantly reduce the amount of manual work needed to collaboratively manage media assets, including searching and sharing content.  Of particular interest are the capabilities to enrich media assets with metadata and analysis together with its AI-based content-aware detection model for fashion. The latter add-on uses highly trained AI models to automatically detect attributes of clothing in an image, including details like the fabric it is made of, type of fastenings used, and the presence of pockets.

“At River Island, the future of our brand is what excites us most and we aim to take our popular digital experience from strength to strength,” said David Edwards, head of architecture at River Island. “Cloudinary’s microservices based, API first and headless architecture is a great fit for us as it integrates well with our existing CMS and tools like Adobe Creative Cloud. We’re really excited to apply Cloudinary’s advanced, AI-driven capabilities, which will speed up our capacity to bring new products online and elevate the customer experience.”


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