Self-love a priority for consumers this Valentine’s Day

Self-love a priority for consumers this Valentine’s Day

According to new research from eCommerce specialist Bloomreach, this year’s Valentine’s retail sales will see an increased focus on health.

Their data shows a ‘dramatic increase’ in searches and sales of products related to diets, fitness and mental health – highlighting a clear emphasis on the importance of self-care.

Searches for diets are up 118 per cent year on year.  Fitness equipment and apparel searches are up 135 per cent, and, with an increase of 354 per cent, dumbbells are proving particularly popular.

Beyond physical health, consumers are also more mindful of their mental health and practicing self-care (a rise of 40 per cent this year).

Despite non-essential shops remaining closed and delivery delays due to Brexit, Bloomreach reports that traffic to eCommerce websites rose by 39 per cent, while sales rose 38 per cent.  Figures that have not been seen in the UK since August 2020.

Brian Walker, chief strategy officer at Bloomreach, said: “January is traditionally a month to reset and focus on physical health but this year we have also seen an increased interest for self-care.  This shows that consumers are looking for ways to feel better in both body and mind, despite the ongoing COVID crisis and the associated lockdowns.

“These trends are in stark contrast to retailers’ customary promotions at this time of the year, which usually centre around Valentine’s Day gifts for a significant other.  This year, retailers would do well to promote products that will enable consumers to fall in love with themselves again.”


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