Sensormatic offers data-led insights

Sensormatic offers data-led insights

Sensormatic Solutions is continuing its commitment to helping retailers enhance shopper experiences by offering more powerful data-led insights and capabilities. The brand has unveiled its newest whitepaper helping retailers better understand which source data can be leveraged to deliver more personalised and satisfying experiences that create loyalty and drive revenue.

“We’ve learned from working with our retail partners that there’s a need to not only know what’s happening within their stores, but what shoppers are doing beyond their four walls,” said Kim Melvin, head of global marketing and communications at Sensormatic Solutions. “That served as our call to action to find innovative ways to capture data that gives retailers a more complete picture of their shoppers’ needs and preferences as well as their operations, a critical initiative for retailers looking to compete in the omnichannel era.”

Sensormatic Solutions technologies empower retailers to monitor shopper experience metrics such as abandonment rate, dwell time, and engagement data. These data streams come together to help retailers:

  • Build better personas. Using traffic counting, computer vision, behaviour analytics, and shopper insights alongside customer-provided feedback and sales metrics can help retailers develop a more precise journey mapping.
  • Merchandise and map more effectively. Dwell time, abandonment rates, traffic patterns, point-of-sale data, item-level inventory intelligence, and more can all yield insights that take the guesswork out of floor designs and merchandising programmes.
  • Make sense of competing trends. Having access to a broad scope of location-, region-, and sector-specific source data can help retailers make sense of the noise and understand which trends might affect them and which they can ignore.
  • Optimise operations. Inefficiencies and miscommunications in the backroom inevitably spill out to the floor, negatively affecting customer satisfaction. Using operations data to identify and remedy these behind-the-scenes issues can help retailers put their best foot forward.


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