Text sells at Bravissimo

Bravissimo’s Spring/Summer catalogue campaign was boosted by
mobile marketing. The lingerie retailer’s latest national
advertising campaign, which includes press ads, TV, radio and
direct mail carried phone, web and text calls to action. SMS
proved to be the most popular form of communication, accounting
for 45 per cent of total responses.

Using SMS has also provided Bravissimo with an accurate tool for
helping measure the return on their marketing investment. Jo Lee,
marketing director at Bravissimo, explained, “Assigning a
unique keyword to each advertising placement across all media
channels enables us to see exactly where leads come from to help
determine how successful each has been in generating response. In
addition profiling respondents gives valuable insights into the
types of consumers we’re successfully attracting and also allows
us to better analyse the impact of individual TV and radio spot
times. This is valuable information when planning future
campaigns. ”

Mobile technology company, TXT4, which handles the campaign for
Bravissimo, believes that despite a slow adoption of mobile
marketing within the retail sector, the success of campaigns like
this suggests the area is likely to see a dramatic uptake in


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