UK eCommerce brands are delivering faster

UK eCommerce brands are delivering faster

bodo, the rapid eco-friendly delivery for eCommerce brands, has launched industry-first analysis in its “5 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce With Delivery report.

bodo analysed the websites and eCommerce checkouts of 50 top UK-selling brands (such as Huel, Astrid & Miyu, Dyson, Missoma, Snag Tights, Lounge, this works, Grenade, and Tropic Skincare) to discover if brands are missing out on simple but effective improvements to their eCommerce delivery offerings. The analysis focused on the delivery speed, number of convenient delivery options, omnichannel solutions, and whether brands are optimising their free delivery offers.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 48 per cent of brands only offer business day delivery which likely increases failed delivery attempts and inconveniences customers.
  • 40 per cent still have 2-day (or slower) as their fastest delivery option at checkout. Meanwhile, 48 per cent have next-day delivery as their fastest option.
  • 12 per cent of the 50 top UK-selling brands have recently upgraded to same-day or 30-minute delivery. Increasingly brands are using same-day delivery to convert and delight customers. A study by Tydo and bodo found that same-day delivery increases LTV by +30 per cent, AOV by +22 per cent and customer retention by +15 per cent.
  • 66 per cent only offer 1-2 delivery options at checkout with 20 per cent offering 3, and 14 per cent offering 4 or more. Signalling a missed opportunity on increasing conversion at checkout.
  • 86 per cent do not offer omni-channel solutions. More surprisingly, 66 per cent of brands with stores did not offer click-and-collect at checkout.
  • 14 per cent fail to mention delivery speeds at checkout, leaving customers clueless about when they will receive their order. This decreases conversion rates at checkout and increases customer support queries.
  • 22 per cent fail to inform customers of their free delivery offers on their landing page, resulting in a missed opportunity to increase AOV.

The report delves into the importance of delivery as a key factor in customer satisfaction and how it can be leveraged to differentiate from competitors. It explores the impact of fast, reliable, and convenient delivery options on customer retention, repeat business, and positive reviews. As well as the brand analysis, the report includes five ways you can grow your eCommerce sales with delivery today, nine case studies of how brands are already using delivery to grow their eComm, fourteen must-know delivery statistics for 2023, and seven questions to ask themselves to examine whether their existing delivery methods are bad, average, or great.


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