Wren Kitchens chooses Cloudinary to help customers bring dream kitchens to life

Wren Kitchens chooses Cloudinary to help customers bring dream kitchens to life

Cloudinary has announced that the UK’s number one kitchen retailer, Wren Kitchens has selected its media experience solutions to deliver flawless, visual-first customer experiences at scale. Wren Kitchens joins a large and growing community of global retail and eCommerce brands using Cloudinary for media experience management. These include Bass Pro Shops, Bombas, Dune London, Neiman Marcus, Minted, Paul Smith, Petco and River Island.

With an in-house solution that could no longer support its growth and global expansion plans, combined with the need to deliver optimal online experiences, Wren chose Cloudinary to elevate its digital transformation efforts.

With the solutions, Wren Kitchens is replacing its manual and inefficient process of managing and optimising its image and video assets. In addition to achieving greater internal efficiencies, Wren Kitchens selected Cloudinary to improve its website performance and eradicate issues that were negatively impacting its user experience. As Wren Kitchens continues to expand internationally, automating and optimising processes while improving web performance is more important than ever.

“As we continue to expand our new US operations, it’s essential that we deliver a compelling visual experience across the whole customer journey,” explained Conor Laville, IT Director, Wren Kitchens.

Cloudinary will also support Wren’s 3D visualization tool, critical for bringing their customers’ designs to life. The 3D team had been considering building more capabilities for smart cropping and resizing in-house. Instead, it will leverage Cloudinary so 3D models, hotspots, animations, and panoramas can be viewed easily on mobile devices.


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