Zendesk launches Conversational Commerce

Zendesk launches Conversational Commerce

Zendesk has unveiled Conversational Commerce, designed to connect brands with shoppers throughout their digital customer experience (CX) journey in order to provide direct support, marketing, and sales all from within a conversation.

The new Conversational Commerce capabilities equip companies with:

  • Service personalisation: Agents can action abandoned carts, support active carts, inform customers on nearby stock to complete purchases, and share feature promotions in the moment to create stellar personalised experiences.
  • Sales acceleration: Agents can identify new revenue opportunities by understanding any shopper’s complete purchase history, merchandise preferences and browsing journey to drive new options through rich product recommendations for cross-sell and upsell, increasing overall order value.
  • Unified data at scale: Businesses can use AI to automate conversions and recommendations supported by over 1,400 pre-built apps and integrations that can unify SKU, inventory and location data for seamless product tracking, or connect disparate systems for a 360 view of the customer.

“In the last few years, we have seen many changes when it comes to consumer behaviour, with consumers being more demanding than ever before, expecting exceptional shopping experiences. It’s not just the product or service that counts, it is the entire experience- from the research stage, to the first visit to a store or website, and the actual purchase and post-purchase. The experience needs to feel immersive and conversational, in all its entirety”, says Matthias Goehler, CTO EMEA at Zendesk. “Thanks to Conversational Commerce, built on our messaging platform, businesses can now offer more interactive and dynamic shopping experiences, something that will not only meet consumers’ expectations, but also create a solid foundation to drive customer loyalty and, ultimately, increased revenues.”

Zendesk is deepening its partnerships with Meta’s WhatsApp and Shopify, to further enhance businesses’ CX strategies and empower them to create a better shopping journey for their customers.

The combination of Zendesk and Meta’s WhatsApp will give businesses the ability to communicate with customers and offer a buying experience without ever having to leave the conversation.

Zendesk’s Conversational Commerce and Shopify’s eCommerce platform allow agents to incorporate product catalogues, checkout processes and promotions into their CX management approaches.

“Shopify is committed to providing merchants with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive commerce landscape,” said Sid Murlidhar, director of product partnerships at Shopify. “We’re excited to expand our partnership with Zendesk to offer our merchants a simpler way to connect and engage with customers.” 

Customer expectations for seamless purchasing processes are rising, and businesses are increasingly training their support agents to take on revenue generation activities. The Zendesk 2023 CX Trends Report said 70 per cent of customers expect conversational experiences when interacting with brands. Additionally, 70 per cent of customers purchase more from companies that offer seamless, conversational experiences.

Foot Locker has always been at the forefront of innovation, and its partnership with Zendesk messaging technology is no exception. With a focus on creating a digital shopping experience that is just as inspiring as their in-store experience, Foot Locker is dedicated to providing a seamless, connected journey for customers across all touch points. By collaborating with Zendesk, the brand is positioning themselves to proactively engage and inspire all of their customers to unlock their “Inner Sneakerhead.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with Zendesk to look at new ways to improve the shopping experience across our digital and physical footprint,” said John Wompey, global VP omni CX & voice of the customer, Foot Locker. “With Conversational Commerce we hope to provide our customers with an educated buying experience where commercial transactions create an engaging and individual experience.”


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