Amelia adopted by ASICS to improve customer service

Amelia adopted by ASICS to improve customer service

Amelia, an enterprise conversational AI software company, has announced that its solution has been implemented by ASICS as a digital service agent to enhance customer experiences and free employees from time-consuming tasks.

ASICS’s goal was to deploy a conversational AI solution to differentiate its customer experience by enabling 24/7 omnichannel support. The company also wanted to improve employee experiences among its workforce by deploying the solution to take on time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

With these criteria in mind, ASICS searched for a digital agent that could understand complex requests, scale with high volumes, provide accurate responses quickly and conduct multi-step transactions end-to-end. ASICS also needed a trainable solution to support a diverse range of roles, including B2B and B2C customer service, as well as service desk management. Ultimately, ASICS was drawn to Amelia’s market-leading context switching, scale and multi-channel capabilities.

ASICS customers can now interact with Amelia 24/7 via numerous channels – email, website chat and social media – for assistance with transactional requests relating to order status and return status updates, dispute case status flows, return instructions and shipping information. The company anticipates that Amelia will help improve ASICS’ Net Promoter Score, maintain Service Level Agreement compliancy, generate up-sell opportunities and increase its first-touch resolution rate.

Amelia indirectly is also expected to improve experiences for ASICS’ employees by reducing call centre workload, which will enable staff to focus solely on high-value tasks. ASICS predicts that this shift of responsibilities will increase job motivation and drive additional sales.

Michelle Stubbings, Director of O2C EMEA at ASICS, said: “We believe that ASICS customers should have unparalleled customer experiences every time they step into our stores, pick up their phones or visit our website. During the pandemic, our employees were overwhelmed with repetitive tasks and inquiries, and we were searching for a best-in-class solution to alleviate some of that workload. Amelia is a critical addition to the company, with an unmatched ability to understand, learn, interact and empathise with our customers while accurately and efficiently resolving their inquiries.”

Chetan Dube, CEO of Amelia, said: “Consumers are demanding high-quality service from retailers through digital channels, and it is incumbent upon all companies to provide customer support of the highest calibre. We are excited to partner with ASICS, a leader in the retail sports industry, as the company utilises Amelia to elevate its customer service operations and provide employees with more opportunities to innovate and thrive.”


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