Benefit personalises its loyalty program

Benefit personalises its loyalty program

Benefit Cosmetics UK has put customers at the centre of its Benefit Loves loyalty program, by creating a customer-centric app with Antavo to help enhance the Benefit brand experience and build on a mobile-first approach to engagement.

Benefit Loves is a free-to-join reward programme where members can earn “hearts” with rewards for a variety of actions such as shopping at Benefit boutiques or making online purchases. They will also earn rewards for non-transactional actions such as opening the app, referring a friend, or booking a beauty service. In exchange for hearts, bespoke rewards are available including free products, mini treatments, and beauty masterclasses, as well as access to VIP events, exclusive previews, and early access to sales.

The programme has launched to Benefit’s online customers and in-store at the 6 Benefit-owned UK stores, with plans to potentially extend the scheme in the future. The Benefit Loves app provides a new channel for new and existing customers to interact and discover Benefit, boosting customer satisfaction and connecting with customers, by rewarding them with every interaction and engagement within the app. The tailored experiences help connect it with individual customers’ shopping habits and improve loyalty rewards.

“Benefit was built on the belief that beauty should be fun and make everybody feel good, creating a beauty community for all. This is why we wanted a platform provider like Antavo that was flexible and enabled plenty of exclusive and engaging features for everyone. With their help, every interaction for our program members invites them to have fun and inject bursts of joy,” said Sarah Harbon, general manager, Benefit Cosmetics UK.


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