Cath Kidston switches to magalogue

Cath Kidston, the fabrics, homewares, and apparel brand, has done
away with its print catalogue-sort of. In its place is an
eponymous magalogue that will be published six times a year.
“By engaging [customers] ?in a newsstand-style
publication,” the company said in a statement, Cath Kidston
hopes to increase loyalty and sales.

The magalogue has a cover price of £1.50, to
“reinforce the idea of the publication as a magazine with
value, rather than a disposable catalogue”. It will be
available free of charge, however, to the customer database and
to anyone joining Cath Kidston’s mailing list.

Designed by consumer publisher Publicis Blueprint, the magazine
aims to capture the in-store shopping experience. The first
edition runs to 100 pages; special features include competitions,
a spotlight on Dublin as a holiday destination, and an “Ask
Mary” column answering customers’ questions.

Cath Kidston shop windows and the ecommerce site will be updated
to complement the content in each edition of the magalogue so
that the same brand message is conveyed across all channels. To
further increase brand awareness, Cath Kidston plans to
distribute copies of its title with Easy Living magazine
in the summer.


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