Charles Tyrwhitt discontinues kids’ brand

Shirt retailer/cataloguer Charles Tyrwhitt has discontinued its
children’s brand, Tiny Tyrwhitt. Company cofounder Nick Wheeler
told Catalogue/e-business that Charles Tyrwhitt should “get
back to what we do best – shirts, ties and cufflinks”.
Because the majority of Tyrwhitt’s customers are men, who are not
the primary buyers of children’s clothing, the Tiny label never
performed as well as expected.

Upon the departure of managing director Ashley Potter earlier in
the year, “we agreed that Charles Tyrwhitt was not a Ralph
Lauren,” said Wheeler, referring to Potter’s former
employer. “Ashley was a great guy but not right for the
Tyrwhitt brand”. Wheeler has since assumed the title of
managing director.

Tyrwhitt is now focusing on its core product
range–“clothes for work,” said Wheeler. The company
will still sell apparel for women as well as men. This renewed
focus on its primary merchandise lines, sales of which are up 79
percent on last year, is the result of a recent strategic review
to identify how to better target customers.


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