Content submission guidelines and FAQ’s

Please refer to these guidelines and FAQ’s before submitting content or contacting us.

Don’t call us, we’ll contact you

We appreciate you are keen to gain as much coverage for your clients as possible, but please do not call us with news stories, to follow-up on press releases/article submissions or to tell us about market insight pieces. You are welcome to email any content you think will be of interest. We cannot guarantee that your content will be published in our print magazine or online, but 90 per cent of what we receive is uploaded to our website. A member of our editorial team will contact you should they need more details or have any questions.

Keeping the lights on

We need to generate income to keep publishing Direct Commerce Magazine and to do this we need advertisers & subscribers! There seems to be a growing number of companies who want coverage but aren’t willing to support those who provide it. Please do not be offended if we ask for ad support – we offer a wide range of print/digital marketing options to fit all budgets.

To guarantee maximum coverage, your clients should advertise with us.


I emailed some content over, but it hasn’t been published yet and I haven’t heard from you. Why is this?

Unfortunately, we cannot publish all of the content we receive or reply to all emails. In some cases our editor may be holding content back for the next issue of the magazine or it could be that our editorial team has decided not to publish what you sent.

Will you only publish articles/white papers/research etc if my client agrees to advertise?

No, it depends on what the content is, who it’s from/by and how relevant our editorial team feels it will be for our readers.

Can I add a link to a news story/article?

Yes you can, for a small fee. We offer the following options:

£65(+VAT) links in 5 published news stories/articles | £165(+VAT) unlimited number of links for 1 year

Contact us for more information about this and our other advertising options.

How do I gain access to articles/past issues of DCM on the website?

If you need a PDF of an article published on our site from one of your clients, please contact us. Otherwise, you will need to subscribe to access our full archive of articles and past issues. Subscriptions start from just £45 per annum…


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