FatFace to tap True Fit’s size and fit personalisation

FatFace to tap True Fit’s size and fit personalisation

FatFace is partnering with True Fit, the data-driven fit personalisation platform for fashion retailers, to deliver size and fit guidance to shoppers and enhance digital shopping experiences.

FatFace has over 200 stores in the UK, Ireland and the U.S. and established eCommerce and wholesale operations. With customer-centricity front and centre of its business and its digital share of sales rising, both domestically in the UK and internationally, FatFace is improving its customer experience on-site for existing and new customers, while building confidence into the online path to purchase.

True Fit was implemented on to the site by global digital commerce specialist, Astound Commerce, FatFace’s strategic integration partner, as part of its ambitious digital transformation journey. Its partnership will leverage True Fit’s Fashion Genome™, the world’s largest connected data set for apparel and footwear, which brings together data from 80 million active members and 17,000+ brands, to unlock insights and serve fit personalisation to shoppers. The high-fidelity fit recommendations generated by the platform will help build confidence into the buying journey, improving customer satisfaction and conversion while helping to reduce fit-related returns.

Internationally, True Fit is also helping the fashion brand scale in its global growth markets, including the U.S., by helping shoppers in those locales who are less familiar with the brand’s heritage and fit find the right garment based on their individual size and fit preferences. FatFace will also leverage True Fit’s solution to unlock insights, data, and analytics to improve fit consistency across its range and learn more about its loyal shoppers’ preferences to provide greater personalisation over time.

Liam Price, head of digital at FatFace, said: “Adopting True Fit is about winning on two fronts – by improving conversion, revisit rates and average order value on the one side, and preventing returns on the other. It will help us continue to deliver on our promise to our customers, which is to help them find the products they are looking for, but also help them hold onto these items and keep them, because they are the perfect fit.”

Emma Sahota, head of client success at Astound Commerce UK, commented: “As a strategic partner to FatFace, we’re proud to have supported the brand on its digital transformation journey so far, as it looks to exceed the needs and expectations of its discerning customer base. And the deployment of the True Fit solution is a key part of this as FatFace’s digital innovation journey continues.”


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