Findel fined for collapsed warehouse floor

Findel Education has pleaded guilty at Tameside Magistrates Court
to breaching health and safety regulations after an unsafe floor
collapsed at its Hyde warehouse in 2006. A local newspaper,
The Tameside Advertiser, reported that two people had
suffered broken bones and added that Findel was ordered to pay
more than £35,000, of which £22,504 went to pay for the
investigation by Tameside Council’s health and safety officers.

In a statement Findel gave Catalogue/e-business, it said
that it has “completely overhauled its health and safety
management system as a result of the incident to prevent
something like this happening again”. The company also said
that it “regretted that the two people who were informed
that further work was needed to strengthen the support for the
floor did not take action or pass on the information before
leaving the company’s employment a year ago”.


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