Flying Brands sells call centre

Flying Brands has sold its Kelvedon Park offices and call centre
for £4.5 million. The functions currently at Kelvedon Park
will move next month to leased premises in Chelmsford.

The company, whose brands include Flying Flowers, Gardening
Direct and Benham, believes that this move will free up an
“inefficient asset” and provide it with greater
flexibility and improved communications. “The need for a
250-seat call centre as more orders switch online is becoming
increasingly unnecessary as we look into the future,” the
company said in a statement. The cash raised from the sale will
be used to fund new partnerships and potential acquisitions.

In its recently released interim results, Flying Brands posted a
sales increase of 20 per cent, to £25.2 million, but profits
were flat at £3.1 million. The company is considering a
partnership with Wyevale Garden Centres next year to sell a few
of Wyevale’s products to Flying Brands customers and vice versa.
Flying Brands and Wyevale are both investments of West Coast
Capital, Sir Tom Hunter’s private equity partnership.


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