Google delays end of third-party cookies until 2024

Google delays end of third-party cookies until 2024

Google has announced it is delaying the commencement of its phase-out of third-party cookies until 2024, as the company continues to test and build out the Privacy Sandbox that it claims will ultimately replace third-party cookies.

In response to the news, Elle Nadal, senior director of global enterprise marketing at Iterable, said: This delay of the end of third-party cookies will be a sigh of relief for many marketers. Many still have a long way to go to be ready for this change. The arrival of Google’s Privacy Sandbox promises a significant new shift in avenues for customer engagement, one that requires brands to go back to first principles and re-evaluate the core tools and policies they use to connect with customers.

“Google needs to use this delay to fully engage with the industry on what the post-third-party cookies era looks like. Brands know that they need practical, lasting solutions. For customers and their personal data, trust is a top priority. If a consumer doesn’t trust a brand, they aren’t going to let their data anywhere near it. Brands, therefore, need to accept this new reality and reorient how they approach the handling of data.

“In the cookieless world on the horizon, brands should focus on creating a personalised customer experience. Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands they feel a connection with. This connection must be built on transparency and being upfront about how consumer data is collected and used. By shifting towards first and zero-party data, brands can be more transparent with their customers and use empathy to build stronger and more durable relationships.”


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