Loaf launch new advertising campaign ‘The Art of Loafing’

Loaf launch new advertising campaign ‘The Art of Loafing’

British sofa brand Loaf have launched a new advertising campaign in partnership with independent creative agency isobel.

The new campaign fights the stresses of modern life, in a protest for slow living.

In a new TV ad, called ‘The Art of Loafing’, a group of Loafers play a song about the importance of Loafing, and the joy of kicking back, slowing down, and taking a load off. The song was written specifically for the commercial by Lost Boy.

Multiple OOH and social ads accompany the TV, continuing the campaign protest theme, with the headlines GO WITH THE SLOW, MAKE LOAF NOT WAR and RELEASE THE PEACE.

Rob Fletcher, Executive Creative Director at isobel, who wrote the campaign and also directed the film, states: “We wanted to create a protest against the stresses and strains of modern living, where loafing is the antidote. And like all good protests we wrote a manifesto, which became a song, which was sung by a band, that became an ad.”

Shubhankar Ray, Creative Director at Loaf, who collaborated with isobel in the development of the campaign, states: “Our new campaign was inspired by music and social protest showcasing the “art of loafing” based on being chilled out and going with the slow. Loaf’s message is about turn off (the speed), tune in (to our vibe) and chill out because we want to make a genuine connection with our audience around both physical and mental comfort. We’re excited about sitting to take a stand.”


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