MindWare exits UK

After relaunching its British operations in time for Christmas
2008, MindWare now seems to be exiting the UK. The US-based
educational-toys cataloguer contracted Granby Marketing Services
to handle its order fulfilment and customer service last
September. The UK website reopened for business after a temporary
shutdown during the summer while operations were relocated to
Granby’s facilities, and the company mailed a print catalogue.

As of late May, the business, which began operating in Britain
six years ago, had a notice on its UK website informing customers
that “MindWare no longer markets direct to consumers in the
UK, but you can find our brainy products at fine retailers and
cataloguers”. A call to customer services was answered with
an automated message asking callers to email their queries. At
press time neither Granby nor MindWare could be reached for


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